Welcome to the English page of Screw-u®.

Screw-u® was established in 2011. Invented and made by Ariane Medze, a Dutch jewelry designer. Ariane became inspired by her father’s toolbox. Out of curiosity she soldered a brass screw on a piece of silver. The idea of screw-u® was born when she started producing innumerable screws made of all kinds of material. Screwing on and off toppings on either a ring, a pendant or cuff links makes it easy to fit your jewelry to your mood or outfit of the day.

The ingredients of a screw-u® jewel are all beautiful, sturdy and natural: Ariane likes sterling silver, tombac, gemstones, lilac or olive wood and French porcelain on her and your body.


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On the page  screw-u  you can see a selection of the work of Ariane.


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